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How Much Does a Roof Replacement Cost in Seattle?

new roof cost in Seattle

Your roof is one of your most precious investments, and you’ll want to keep it in pristine condition. However, occasionally, you’ll need to consider having your roof replaced to maintain optimal efficiency. Knowing the local roof replacement costs is recommended before starting a roof repair project. While looking at national averages can give a general idea, such numbers usually do not include factors affecting the price, such as local labor hourly rates, material costs, and any local permits required for your roof replacement in Seattle.


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According to our estimates, Seattle homeowners can expect to pay somewhere between $8,400.00 and $13,000.00 depending on the size of their home.


This Roof Replacement Estimate Takes These Factors Into Account:

  • All project costs (surface preparation, components, and machinery), and cleanup fees.
  • Average labor costs to replace a roof in Seattle, Washington.
  • Average costs for materials and equipment for roof replacement in Westerly.
  • Square foot material costs for asphalt shingles or flat roof patches.


This Roof Replacement Estimate Does NOT Take These Factors Into Account:

  • Any general contractor fees, if used for the project.
  • Any permits required for roof replacement projects.
  • Inspection and/or Seattle building fees.
  • Materials and supply city, state, & county sales taxes.
  • Square foot material costs of other roofing materials.


roof replacement cost in Seattle

Roof Replacement FAQ

When should I pay for roof replacement services?

When you notice large problems with your roof, or if you’ve let numerous problems fall to the wayside, it may be time to consider roof replacement. Severe water leakage should be one of your primary warning signs and should not be taken lightly as it can damage ceilings and walls if not fixed accordingly. Roofs can be exposed to the most severe weather conditions, and water leakage may happen if a broken part of the roof has not been repaired immediately. If you’ve noticed your roof is leaking or seen visible cracks and have yet to take action, you will likely need to hire professionals to replace your roof and solve these problems. They will be able to identify the exact problem with your roof and take steps to replace it before it gets even worse and becomes even more expensive.

Unless you have extensive experience replacing roofs, you will need to hire professionals to do the job. Professionals have the necessary tools and skills to fix your roof so it will look and function just like new again. You definitely don’t want to try fixing your roof if you don’t have experience doing this work because you will likely just make the problem worse.

You will benefit tremendously from taking advantage of the services that roof replacement contractors have to offer. If there is anything wrong with your roof, you must fix it immediately to avoid further problems. Professionals will replace your roof so you can rest confidently as many problems are resolved and this new roof maintains an excellent condition for as long as possible. Those who pay for a roof replacement are also spared the hassle of years of repair costs for multiple problems that might have gone unnoticed.

Ready to get your Seattle roof repaired? Call Apex Roofing today, for a free inspection and to discuss your options!

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