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2024 Roof Trends: These Are the Most Popular Roof Colors in Spokane Valley This Year

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Is the roof of your Spokane Valley home in need of an upgrade? Your home’s exterior is one of the first things people notice and renovations are a vital part of maintaining the value, durability, and curb appeal of your residence.

So, whether you are changing your roof color for aesthetic reasons or upgrading it so it can withstand the Spokane Valley climate, here are several popular roof colors that homeowners love.


popular roof colors, best roof colors, roof color trends


Spokane Valley Roofing: Roof Color Trends

Before choosing a new color for your roofing, think about the surrounding landscape, the overall aesthetic that you are going for, and the architectural style of your home. Is your ideal roofing sleek and modern, timeless and sophisticated, or cozy and rustic? Narrowing down on the exact feel and look that you are going for will help you decide on the best new roofing color for your Spokane Valley residence. 

Charcoal Grey: Sleek & Modern

Charcoal grey is one of the best roof colors for the homeowner who desires a sleek and modern aesthetic. These tones will add a contemporary vibe to the exterior of your home and work well with a variety of architectural styles. In addition, these grey tones will help reflect heat, which will help keep your home cooler in the Spokane Valley climate. 

Classic Black: Timeless & Sophisticated

This roofing color never goes out of style because it is sophisticated, bold, and timeless. Black roofing is perfect for a high-contrast aesthetic and pairs well will nearly any color and texture you use on the exterior of your home. A classic black roof is sure to be eye-catching and striking. In addition, black roofing will help keep the heat inside your home so you can stay warm during the colder months in Spokane Valley. 

Earthy Browns: Cozy & Rustic

Earthy, warm browns are ideal for the Spokane Valley homeowner who wants to add a touch of warmth to their home. Earthy browns add an inviting and cozy vibe to your home. You can often find these tones in rustic aesthetics, but these colors can work with a wide variety of styles and architecture. In addition, these roofing colors aren’t as reflective and will help keep the heat inside your Spokane Valley home. 


popular roof colors, best roof colors


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